MADE4KIDS Policies

Dress Code:

Dance shoes required!


Black leotard and any solid color skirts (preferably black), black leggings or specialized latin practice wear. Hair must be pulled back in a bun/ponytail/braid.


Shirts (black or white), black t-shirts, black pants. Absolutely NO: Shorts, Jean, Outside Footwear.

* No parents allowed in the ballroom during group lessons. All parents can visualize their kids progress on  the TV in the waiting area.


Attendance of two classes per week is recommended. Student recognizes that regular attendance is important for student progress and understands that it is the students responsibility to attend class.  Make-up lessons must be taken during current and following month only.

Private Lesson:

When you book a private lesson, you are reserving that time with your teacher. if you find you must cancel, there is a 24-hour cancellation policy, so that the time can be re-booked with someone else. If you do not adhere to the 24 hour cancellation policy, you will be charged a cancelation fee of $35.

Lateness to class:

If the student late to the private lesson, the lesson will end at the scheduled time. If the teacher is late to the private lesson, either the time will be made up, or you will not be charged for a full lesson. That decision will be made by the teacher.

Annual School Competition:

It is highly recommended for students to participate in 1-2 school competitions after four months of attendance during the year. Participation of the student could be dismissed in case of unexpected emergency.


Payments must be made every month prior the chosen course or paid $20 per lesson before the lesson starts. All group class tuition payments are due every 7th of the month. Personal checks and Visa/MasterCard are accepted. there is a $30 returned check fee for personal checks or declined credit card transactions. Metro Dance/Ballroom Place is not obligated to refund any amounts paid by the student/parent.Late change: $15 late charge will be assessed for any payment seven days past due. Membership fee: $50 new students, $35 renewal. Membership fee is annual.

Family Discounts:

Family discounts are only applicable if the family members account remains active, current and in good standing.

Photo, Video, Audio Release: Students agrees that MetroDance/Ballroom Place make take photography and may make video and audio materials of students, classes and school events, and that these materials may be used for display, promotions and/or advertising purposes.


Student agrees that MetroDance/Ballroom Place has the right to dismiss any student at anytime for misconduct or actions which MDBP deems inconsistent with the philosophy or practices, misbehavior, or if student has a contagious disease. Upon dismissal MDBP will issue a pro rated refund based upon actual time used.


If the student is unable to complete group or private lessons package, student is allowed to transfer remaining lessons to another student. MetroDance/Ballroom Place will not give refunds.