About Us

Ballroom Dancing isn’t about the steps and music; it’s a perfect combination of physical activity, social interaction, and mental stimulation. Ballroom dancing enhances your life in so many ways: Health, Confidence, Self Expression, Social Life, Relaxation, and Fun.

For many, learning to ballroom dance often culminates with the excitement of a performance or competition. I love the way that learning to ballroom dance makes people deal with issues deeper that just being a klutz and ends up helping them in the long run. Learning to ballroom dance is fun and should not be a painful chore. The art of learning to ballroom dance can really be as easy as walking if you are willing to put the time and effort into learning the different ballroom styles of dance.

Taking Lessons

In my opinion, private lessons are the best way to learn to ballroom dance. This is one of the reasons that small groups or private lessons are important because the instructor can work more closely with each individual. Private lessons are more expensive but they also provide individualized attention that can greatly speed up the learning process. On the other hand, group lessons are inexpensive and are a good way to try out a variety of dances and meet new friends. Since group lessons tend to focus on steps and patterns rather than on technique, it is especially recommended that male students take a private lesson every few weeks and use that time to study the technique of movement involved, including how to effectively lead his partner through the figures taught in the group classes..

Learning to ballroom dance is a lot of fun. You can become athletically fit and have fun with romance by learning to ballroom dance. Learning to ballroom dance can add entertainment to your life, enhance your leisure time, and improve your quality of life. How about stepping out and learning to ballroom dance.

Wise Words

“Ballroom dancing is as popular as ever, with the many television shows and movies that feature dancing. Besides the valuable social benefits of dancing, your participation in a regular program of ballroom dancing will produce significant mental and physical health benefits. Ballroom dancing also goes deeper than just dancing. Because it includes so many different dances and styles it is difficult to link ballroom dance to a single history. There’s no doubt, combining grace, rhythm, timing and co-ordination, whilst making it look effortless is probably the most difficult lesson for any would-be ballroom dancer to learn. Ballroom dancing, which includes Latin or rhythm dances like Samba and Rumba, and Standard or smooth dances like Waltz and Tango, has strict rules (as anyone who watched Joey and Mario compete on Dancing with the Stars knows), and no talking.”