Wedding Dance Lessons

Around the planet couples celebrate their unions with a wedding dance of some form. Most faiths, with the exception of those people that still scowl on dancing, have some form of wedding dance that may be part of this joyous event or the party of this event!

The skills you learn will not only carry you through your first dance, but will keep you dancing together for years to come.

Your wedding is once in a life time event, you owe it to each other to make it everything you’ve ever dreamed!

Your first dance as newlyweds should be memorable, not nerve racking. As you take your first steps to the music that will become “your song, you will want to do so with pride, grace and natural confidence.

At Ballroom Place our goal is to make every wedding couple enjoy each moment of their first dance, and not feel panic stricken about getting the steps right, nor worries about stepping on the feet of the beloved.

Whether you’re already competent on the dance floor, or have never before taken a step to music individually or as a couple our Wedding Dance Specialist will take you through stress-free, carefully planned lessons, to make your first dance together feel effortless and natural.