Dance Lessons For Adults

Ballroom Dancing

Private Lessons

Private lessons are important to refining your dancing skills. Individual, personalized attention will be given to improve your:

  • Technique
  • Musicality
  • Dance Vocabulary
  • Partnering skills which will give you the confidence to dance well, in any situation. You choose the dance(s) because the lessons will be tailored to suit your needs and interests. Our teachers are well-versed in a wide variety of dances and will help match you with the best instructor for you. 

Metro Dance/Ballroom Place private lessons run 45 minutes in length.

The Introductory Special Includes:

Your 25-minute, one-on-one introductory private lesson will give you the opportunity to meet your instructor and get started working right away on acheiving your dance goals!

You choose the dance/s because the lesson will be tailored to suit your needs and interests. During your private lessons, you will experience individual, personalized attention learning technique, musicality, dance vocabulary and partnering skills which will give you the confidence to dance well in any situation.

After your introductory lesson, your instructor will guide you through the starter process and assist you in creating your schedule to begin the exciting journey of learning to dance.

After the lesson you will be offered to discuss your instructors evaluation and suggestions before you make any decisions & to answer any questions you may have about different dances, music, classes and programs.

You’ll be offered special program options and discounts for first-time students.


Group Classes

  • Ballroom Place offers weekly group classes in Latin Ballroom dancing and Technique classes.
  • Our 45-minute Group Classes give students a chance to learn new dance moves in an environment where you can practice your steps before hitting the dance floor.
  • Our Technique class will concentrate your quality of dancing: hip/back movements, leg action, hand-styling, etc.
  • We work on a rotation basis which means it’s never necessary to have a partner to learn any of the dances because we like to rotate partners during each class.
  • Class sizes vary. We try to keep group classes small for our students to get more personal attention.
  • Group Classes must be completed during the four week cycle and may not be carried over from one month to another. However, make-up classes are available.

ZUMBA Classes

Join the fitness revolution and party yourself into shape!

Tuesdays 8:00pm – 9:00pm 

Sundays 9:30am – 10:30am

$10 per class